Help is at the ready for growing food and fibre businesses looking for capital to support their growth potential through dedicated support, knowledge, mentorship and investor connections.

Even with the right people and strategy, young businesses still need sufficient investment to really hum. But it can be hard to know where to start and a challenge to try to connect with investors.

But that’s where Investment Ready comes in, it wraps around young businesses and prepares them with the confidence and capability to pitch to different investment sources.

Last year two cohorts went through the programme and gained valuable knowledge to explore investment opportunities for their businesses.

“I found the structure and discipline that Investment Ready provided for us really beneficial,” says Investment Ready graduate, Richard Guy, CEO of Driedfresh.

“After a meeting, everyone would have their action plan to work on so at the next meeting we knew what we needed to discuss.”

He found having the support invaluable in developing their growth strategy and making sure everyone was on the same page.

“If we didn’t have total agreement on a thought pattern, we could utilise the contacts we had through Investment Ready and bring in a consultant to help,” Richard says.

The Elder Pinot
Owner and Wine Maker Nigel Elder [centre] of The Elder Pinot with Investment Ready team.

Another alumni member, Nigel Elder of The Elder Pinot, agrees discipline was one of the biggest benefits of the programme. And the specialist support with primary industry relevance.

“I don’t have a financial background so having support for financial modelling was really helpful,” Nigel says.

“And we came away with a pretty good pitch deck and well-resourced basis of knowledge to use going forward.”

The programme targets food and fibre businesses with established revenue streams that want to achieve accelerated growth by securing external investment. It is delivered through us here at The Factory, with support from the Ministry for Primary Industries.

“Raising investment is a necessity for many growing businesses that have large outgoings and development costs,” says Nick Gain, The Factory CEO.

“Many food and fibre businesses have amazing growth plans but are unable to raise enough capital to turn these plans into action, and we are keen to help get more onto that pathway to help the sector and New Zealand Inc.”

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