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New to marketing or want to learn more about marketing?

Written to help Kiwi business owners understand one of today’s most important marketing strategies, this guide answers some of the most frequently asked questions asked by founders feeling overwhelmed by the choices and challenges of marketing their business.

  • How has the Internet changed today’s buyer behaviour and what does that mean for our business?
  • How can we attract more customers?
  • How do we grow traffic to our website?
  • How do we stand out from our competitors?
  • Why is content marketing so important in today’s market?
  • What’s the difference between content marketing and advertising?
  • How do we implement a content marketing strategy for our organisation?
  • What even is content marketing?!

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“The Rules of Attraction: An entrepreneur’s guide to content marketing” is an easy to understand resource to help you learn how to use content marketing to grow your business, and why content, trust and authority are the currency of the digital age.

Written by NZ Entrepreneur founder and editor Richard Liew, and includes insights, ideas and examples collected from nearly 20 years of startup and sales and marketing experience in industries including professional services, IT, advertising, education and media.