What do HNRY, VXT, Raygun, My Food Bag, Cin7, Little Yellow Bird, Gaspy, Broadband Compare, Imagr and countless other Kiwi startups have in common? They were all featured on NZ Entrepreneur when they were just starting out!

In our new Founder Focus section we introduce the founders behind innovative New Zealand startups, social enterprises and small businesses. (Like to be profiled in Founder Focus? Email richardl@nzentrepreneur.co.nz)




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In Founder Focus we introduce entrepreneurs and change-makers working on innovative startups, social enterprises and SME’s around Aotearoa New Zealand. At a glance Founders: Alyona Medelyan and Nathan Holmberg Business: Thematic Founded: 2015 HQ: Auckland Can you tell us a bit about your business? We use Artificial Intelligence to help companies improve their products and […]

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