What do HNRY, VXT, Raygun, My Food Bag, Cin7, Little Yellow Bird, Gaspy, Broadband Compare, Imagr and countless other Kiwi startups have in common? They were all featured on NZ Entrepreneur when they were just starting out!

Let’s shine a light on the good you are doing

At NZ Entrepreneur we’ve been covering Kiwi entrepreneurs and changemakers since 2012. Followed by founders, investors, business mentors, industry experts and other media, we are regularly New Zealand’s #1 site for searches related to startups, entrepreneur advice, interviews and info.

How to be featured

If you’re the founder of an innovative startup, social enterprise or small business in New Zealand we’d love to hear from you. Simply check the criteria below and complete the questionnaire to join our founder community and have your business featured in our new Founder Focus section.

Criteria #1) Are you a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident and the founder of a business or social enterprise built primarily in/from New Zealand?

Our focus is on entrepreneurship in New Zealand so please do not apply if you are not a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand.

Criteria #2) Does your business or social enterprise meet our editorial criteria?

To be published, businesses must meet our criteria for innovating, improving or disrupting a new product, service or market and have a clear point of difference to competitors and/or existing solutions or products in your market. If you are operating in an established industry (for example trades, small business, retail or online stores, hospitality or personal or professional services) you will need to demonstrate sufficient differentiation to your competitors and innovation or disruption through your products and/or use of new technology, delivery or business model.

We do not feature purchased businesses, franchises, multi-level and affiliate marketing, financial or investment advisors, marketing agencies, real estate agents, coaches, trainers, consultants and Amazon, Facebook, TradeMe or other third-party platform stores.

Criteria #3) Does your business or social enterprise have a live website or social media page?

If you are still in development, MVP or pre-launch phase you can still apply to be featured in Founder Focus but you do need to have a live website, social media profile or other online location that people can visit for further information and get in contact with you.

Answered “yes” to all three questions? Submit your profile below.