A popular boxing based fitness programme has made its way to New Zealand with the help of a keen eyed Bay of Plenty entrepreneur, and Australian founders Tim West and four-time world champion boxer Danny Green hold high hopes for its uptake by Kiwi fitness fans.

An avid researcher, programme developer West was involved in various team sports throughout senior schooling, and continued to pursue his interest in fitness and sports after school as a personal trainer (PT), completing a degree in sport science and working with clients one-on-one for almost 15 years.

Continuously exploring methods and opportunities that would allow him to better service his clients, and his networks within the fitness industry, West’s career has evolved from a personal trainer to online entrepreneur to the Managing Director and co-founder of international fitness franchise, 12RND Fitness launched recently here in NZ as UBX Training (pronounced ‘You Box’).

In 2003, with the emergence of SMS promotions and marketing, West launched FitText, a text-based service that sent clients exercise programs via SMS to train from home, and was quickly picked up by gym giant, Goodlife. After the success of FitText, his next venture was a booking system called, EzyClient, designed to assist fitness professionals and businesses in managing their client appointments and payments. West later sold the tech behind his venture, and invested into the Jetts gym franchise, becoming one of the very first club owners for the brand.

UBX Training sessions involve boxing related strength and fitness exercises completed over 12 three minute ’rounds’.

Culminating his experience as a personal trainer, gym owner and tech entrepreneur, West developed 12RND Fitness, which offers boxing and strength workouts that mimic the physical demands of a twelve round championship fight, each round lasting three minutes and with the whole workout complete in 45 minutes. The concept was designed to address the ongoing issues he observed throughout his career that made it challenging for his clients to commit to their fitness long enough to see results.

West recognised that sport was one of the most enjoyable forms of fitness, and when clients enjoy their workouts, they are more consistent in their training. He also acknowledged that there was never any class timetable structure that was suitable to everybody. To address these problems, the entrepreneur decided that he would incorporate boxing as a main component of the training, and utilise the traditional boxing timer. This removed the need for class timetables, meaning members do not have to book and can simply arrive for their workout anytime during open hours.

ubx training
UBX Training co-founder and four-time world champion boxer Danny Green.

The combination of enjoyment, convenience and sports science behind 12RND proved to be an immediate success, with the first club reaching capacity in only 3 months as a result of word-of-mouth.

Proving the old adage that happy customers are the best form of marketing, members began bringing their friends, family and colleagues along to workouts. As a result, West expanded into a second location, and by 2016 the first franchise was sold.

Today, the 12RND Fitness programme is offered in over 80 locations across Australia, and has recently expanded internationally under the name UBX Training. Marketing executive and fitness fanatic Kieren MacGregor became the first international UBX franchise holder, opening at Bayfair shopping centre Mt Maunganui in September last year.

MacGregor says he was attracted by the concept because of the “No Fixed Class Time” concept which he believed fits in well with the needs of the modern exerciser.

He says Tauranga’s fast growing boutique fitness industry makes UBX an appealing offering and his club has seen over 200 people through it’s doors in the few months since opening. UBX will continue it’s international growth launching in Singapore this month.

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