DoPaw Pet Food



In Founder Focus we introduce entrepreneurs and change-makers working on innovative startups, social enterprises and SME’s around Aotearoa New Zealand. At a glance Founder: Lou Anne Lowry Business: DoPaw Founded: 2020 / Launched 2023 HQ: Waikato Can you tell us a bit about your business? DoPaw, based in the North Island of New Zealand, stands […]

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Manawatū – The future of food


In the heart of the lower North Island, is a small but mighty region batting above its weight on a global scale, poised to shape Aotearoa New Zealand’s evolving food narrative. The region’s rich history in food innovation and science, coupled with fertile natural resources, and backed by thriving primary, technology, distribution and logistics sectors, […]

Solo App



In Founder Focus we introduce entrepreneurs and change-makers working on innovative startups, social enterprises and SME’s around Aotearoa New Zealand. At a glance Founder: Brent Wilson Business: Solo Founded: 2018 HQ: Wellington Can you tell us a bit about your business? Solo is an accounting app that makes it easy for self-employed New Zealanders to […]

Magnify Consulting

Sales Strategy for the new financial year – Three key things every business owner must do


With the new financial year beginning on April 1st, it is a critical time to lay the foundations for your sales success in the year ahead. Here are three key things you can do at the start of a new financial year to get your sales rolling. 1. TAKE THE BEST FROM LAST YEAR AND […]




In Founder Focus we introduce entrepreneurs and change-makers working on innovative startups, social enterprises and SME’s around Aotearoa New Zealand. At a glance Founders: Sabine Doolin and Robert Sadleir Business: QWB Lab Founded: 2021 HQ: Auckland Can you tell us a bit about your business? QWB Lab unlocks the value of culture by measuring wellbeing. […]



Prospa NZ

Five tips for small businesses looking to flourish during the holiday season


These past few years have tested the mettle of entrepreneurs like never before. Yet, here you are. So first and foremost, congratulations for making it this far, it is a true testament to your perseverance and dedication. And although times are still undoubtedly tough, we are seeing a turn for the better in business. With […]

King Kapisi

Mastercard and King Kapisi give Kiwi small businesses royal treatment


New Zealand music royalty King Kapisi has joined forces with Mastercard to celebrate small businesses in Aotearoa that reach the remarkable milestone of being in business for 10 years. This initiative stems from the recognition that there are some life milestones that are so impressive that they deserve a letter from the King – like […]

Beminded NZ

Beminded aims to be game changer for New Zealand workplace productivity


New Zealand’s productivity levels are facing a significant challenge, ranking among the lowest in the OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). Auckland business owner Nat Milne aims to address this issue with an innovative solution – the Beminded training programme. Developed in Sweden by Anna Bojlert, the scientifically-backed initiative harnesses neuroscience to help […]

Milk NZ

Founder Q&A: Ben Reid, Milk NZ


Business: Milk NZ Founder: Ben Reid HQ: Auckland Tell us a bit about yourself and your business. I started Milk 19 years ago alongside Simon Cairns, and it’s been quite the journey. My background was in design, and I spent some time working in the industry in the UK before coming home to start Milk. […]

Kara Technologies

Kara Technologies pioneering inclusive emergency Sign Language success for the Deaf


In a groundbreaking development, Kara Technologies has emerged as one of the recipients of a pivotal $500,000 scale-up funding initiative, courtesy of Australian Red Cross, in collaboration with the Telstra Foundation. This significant infusion of funding will help to catalyse Kara’s innovative avatar technology, paving the way for the creation of an accessible and user-friendly […]

The Selwyn Innovation Challenge

The Selwyn Foundation launches $550,000 Respectful Ageing Innovation Challenge


Grants available for organisations with novel solutions to the challenges facing seniors. The Selwyn Foundation has launched its inaugural Respectful Ageing Innovation Challenge, which will see $550,000 given to develop solutions to the complex problems seniors face. The Selwyn Foundation embarked on a transformation process two years ago, selling six of its seven rest homes, […]


Founder Q&A: Integrape


Business: Integrape Founder: Joris Besamusca HQ: Waihi What products, services, solutions or technology have you developed?  We are a software company that builds digital tools for viticulture. Our core product is Integrape a decision support platform focussing on nutrition and variability in the vineyard. We aggregate and standardise data relevant to the health and production […]


Azura to develop technology to extract energy from wave power


A New Plymouth-based startup has developed wave energy conversion technology to produce electrical power and potable water from the power of waves. Azura Wave Power has developed and refined a unique and patented wave technology system to extract energy from the power of waves. Unlike other wave energy converters, Azura’s technology system extracts power from […]


Kiwi data storage startup Nexustorage helping businesses unlock the power of their data


An intelligent Kapiti-based Kiwi data storage startup is combining the reliable functionality of traditional storage technology, with modern cloud capabilities. And this, says Glen Olsen, founder of Nexustorage and creator of Nexfs, is what makes it truly unique. Olsen knows that data isn’t the most interesting thing in the world. But he says the trick […]

Hiringa Energy

Hiringa Energy to address climate change by taking clean, green hydrogen fuel to the world


A group of energy professionals based in New Plymouth is building one of the world’s first green hydrogen refuelling networks, designed principally to refuel trucks in the heavy transport sector. Hiringa Energy was created in 2017 to enable large-scale decarbonisation in a commercially sustainable way, motivated by a desire to address climate change. It will […]

On Your Terms

On Your Terms bridging tech and personalised service to bring down business legal costs


While we ponder if AI is the way forward or the path to doomsday, Kiwi legal tech startup On Your Terms has found a way to combine the best of tech with the expertise of a personal legal service, at a fraction of the price.  AI has its limitations, and when it comes to legal […]


Founder Q&A: DietDecoder


Business: DietDecoder Team: Cynthia Northcote (Director) and Emily House (CTO) HQ: New Plymouth What products, services, solutions or technology have you developed?  We are what we eat and the same goes for our livestock. Developed in the lush countryside of eastern Taranaki, DietDecoder is the result of 25 years of on-farm experience in improving animal […]




How much bandwidth does your business need?


In today’s digital world, a strong internet connection is the lifeblood of most businesses. With modern technology and digital ways of working available (and constantly evolving), it brings into sharp focus the question – is your internet bandwidth up to the job? Whether you have a cafe that offers free wifi for customers or have […]


Pros and cons of buying your own router


Wifi routers, are a critical piece of equipment when it comes to connecting devices at your office to the Internet. In New Zealand most service providers, (ISPs) give or rent a modem/router for free upon sign-up to a new broadband plan (although some charge for delivery) and some even throw in a wifi mesh system. […]


Key difference between wireless and fibre when it comes performance


There’s a world of choice when it comes to getting a business broadband package that meets the specific connectivity needs of your company. And with over a hundred service providers offering a range of speed, data and package options, it can all get a little overwhelming. A good place to start is to identify the […]

Hardwired NZ

Technology won’t save you if it’s all you’ve got


Don’t let excitement about new tech blind you to what really powers your business. More than 25 years ago, a UK supermarket chain spotted an interesting trend in its customer data: men who bought nappies also bought six-packs of beer. The marketing team drew the conclusion – new dads could no longer justify time off […]

small businesses

Why our small businesses are a BIG deal


In the entrepreneur world we hear a lot of talk about entrepreneurs and businesses needing to be “global from day one”. Investors and business commentators lament our lack of large global businesses and say the “three-B” (bach, ‘Beemer’ and boat) mentality of Kiwi business owners is holding us back. In this regard small businesses are often […]

Jennifer Liew

Why you shouldn’t wait for media to discover your business (and write about you)


Whether it’s a lack of confidence in our products or business ideas, a fear of ‘seeking the limelight’ or talking about ourselves, a lack of know-how, or just general busy-ness that relegates PR to the bottom of our to-do list, there is no end of reasons why founders put off sharing their stories with the […]


Troubleshooting: Is it your hardware or internet connection?


Your computer is taking ages to upload documents, video calls are constantly freezing mid-meeting and your saves aren’t saving. You’ve tried turning your computer off and on again, and you’ve tried rebooting your router, but the problems still persist. But how can you tell if it’s the internet connection that’s causing trouble, or if it’s […]

Bo Studio

Interview: Emma Campbell, Bo Studio


Richard Liew talks to Emma Campbell, founder of new UX design studio (Bo Studio) focused on supporting agritech businesses. Tune in for top UX tips for founders. WATCH NOW: Supporter Spotlight: Offers and services from NZ Entrepreneur supporters!

The Elder Pinot

Are you a food or fibre business seeking investment?


Help is at the ready for growing food and fibre businesses looking for capital to support their growth potential through dedicated support, knowledge, mentorship and investor connections. Even with the right people and strategy, young businesses still need sufficient investment to really hum. But it can be hard to know where to start and a […]

RedMint Media

Three types of video marketing you should be using in 2023


As a video production company, one of the most common enquiries we get is something along the lines of “We want some videos made but don’t really know what kind of videos.” Understandably, many business owners either don’t know what type of videos they are looking for, or have ideas for videos that are not […]

Waka Kotahi

Spirit of innovation demonstrated in land transport sector


A number of startups and entrepreneurial initiatives working to address challenges in the transport sector have been approved for funding in round one of the Waka Kotahi Hoe ki angitū- Innovation Fund, with a second round of challenges now announced. The $15 million fund, which was launched in June to accelerate innovative transport projects, attracted […]

Wellington UniVentures

NZ Universities are spinning out market-ready ventures – what investors should know


Investors looking for the Next Big Thing are often drawn to universities. Afterall, some of the world’s most exciting and influential companies have started on campuses (think BioNTech and Google).  Universities attract smart people who want to change the world and give them the support they need to make it happen. They equip academics with […]


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New Zealand entrepreneurs on the world stage at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress


More than 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers and community leaders are headed to the annual Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) in Melbourne next week, and a delegation of 56 New Zealanders are set to make the most of such an incredible opportunity. “The GEC has never been so close, providing us a forum to not only […]

Newmarket Business Awards

Business awards celebrate Newmarket’s finest


The Newmarket business community came together on Friday 25th August to celebrate excellence and innovation at the annual Newmarket Business Awards (NBA), hosted by the Newmarket Business Association (NBA). The event, held at Cordis and sponsored by Auckland MINI Garage and Q Mastercard®, showcased the remarkable achievements of businesses in the Newmarket precinct. The Newmarket […]

Stefan Korn

Callaghan Innovation launches counselling service for startup founders


Callaghan Innovation has today launched a counselling service to support founders whose mental health is suffering due to the significant pressures associated with establishing and growing a startup. Plans for the service were announced at the Electrify Aotearoa conference on 1 August at the same time as the organisation launched a guidance and resolution service […]

Rebel Business School Aotearoa

Rebel Business School partners with Semaine Group for new course, Business Plan Sprint


Rebel Business School Aotearoa (RBSA) is well-known for two things: its unapologetic, startup-friendly mentality, and its dedication to business education. As we move into the latter half of 2023, Rebel has once again turned their eye to New Zealand’s entrepreneurial innovation. This time, they’ll be partnering with the Semaine Group, developers of the bizezi app, […]

Venture Taranaki

One big boost for Taranaki businesses


Taranaki small businesses have overwhelmingly embraced a government programme helping them to grow online. Digital Boost Facilitation Scheme is a Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) initiative created to provide additional support and encouragement to small businesses to adopt and practically use the Digital Boost Platforms to digitally transform their businesses. As the regional […]


Interview: Eric Thompson, School of Design Innovation, Whitecliff


Richard Liew talks with Eric Thompson, Head of the School of Design Innovation at Whitecliffe, about their new “low residence” masters degree being offered for entrepreneurs in New Zealand. A range of entrepreneur topics are discussed including Kiwis’ attitude to failure, passion and critical thinking. WATCH NOW: Supporter Spotlight: Offers and services from NZ Entrepreneur […]


New master’s degree unique springboard for aspiring entrepreneurs


Whitecliffe’s new Master of Creative Enterprise and Innovation is New Zealand’s first ever non-disciplinary MCEI. Not only is it highly innovative and unlike anything else on offer either side of the Tasman, but it has the golden stamp of approval from some of the world’s most visionary movers and shakers. Co-designed with industry, the revolutionary […]

Startup NZ

Budding entrepreneurs receive a head start with startup education scholarships


A new batch of enterprising New Zealanders are being given the opportunity to fast track their ventures from idea through to startup, thanks to an online education initiative backed by Callaghan Innovation and entrepreneur education platform Startup NZ. The initiative invites New Zealanders with “scalable and high growth” business or social enterprise ideas to apply […]

NZ Startup Ecosystem GSER 2023

NZ rises to #20 in Emerging Startup Ecosystem global ranking: Oceania sees highest early-stage funding in the world


The 2023 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) was released at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam by Startup Genome and Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN). It shows seven Asia-Pacific ecosystems in the top 30 ranking – with New Zealand making it to the Top 20 for the first time. New Zealand shot up in the Emerging […]



small businesses

Why our small businesses are a BIG deal


In the entrepreneur world we hear a lot of talk about entrepreneurs and businesses needing to be “global from day one”. Investors and business commentators lament our lack of large global businesses and say the “three-B” (bach, ‘Beemer’ and boat) mentality of Kiwi business owners is holding us back. In this regard small businesses are often […]

Founder mental health

Editorial: We owe a duty of care to founder mental health and it requires a collaborative solution


I didn’t know Jake Millar, save for a few emails swapped with our editor when he was just getting started with Unfiltered. As for so many others though, the news of his death by suicide last year still came as a shock and with a deep sense of sadness. Sadness for the loss of a […]


Why every Kiwi should back or build a startup


Not all of us are built to be founders but we can all find a way to back ambitious, world-changing businesses; whether it’s buying their products, using their services, promoting them, encouraging and supporting them or investing in them. Certainly, backing and building startups will do a whole lot more for our future and our […]

Government funding startups nz

What Government funding is available for startups in NZ?


One of the questions we’re often asked is, “What Government funding is available for startups in New Zealand?” Like so many questions in life, the answer is, “It depends.” So you’ve come up with a great business idea. You know exactly what problem you want to solve, and how you’re going to solve it. And […]

start-up or startup

Start-up or startup? And what exactly is one anyway?!


If you’ve ever thought that “startup” was simply another name for a new small business, you’d be right. But, you’d also be wrong. Richard Liew explains. The Spring blossoms are out in force here in Wanaka and if ever there was a season that represented the promise, the energy, and oh-so tantalising potential of the startup […]

5 questions every entrepreneur should ask when people offer advice

5 questions every entrepreneur should ask when people offer advice


When you know nothing, even fools can sound like geniuses. This is a vital lesson that all entrepreneurs need to learn as soon as possible – one that I and other entrepreneurs I know have had to learn the hard way, many times over. When you first start out in entrepreneurship – by this I […]