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In this edition of Knowledge Base, Richard Liew talks with Callum Robertson from customer engagement experts, Hardwired.

In this must watch interview Callum explains why founders must understand that establishing emotional connection with customers has a proven bottom-line impact, yet most businesses continue to focus on conversations around function: price, value for money, and what competitors do or don’t have by comparison. This is especially important if you have new or difficult to explain products.

Read the Hardwired article mentioned in the interview: For customer engagement Emotional Value beats Functional Value

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding your best customers (fans) to drive customer growth
  • Communicating value for new products or categories
  • What really attracts customers to successful brands?
  • How emotions trump logic for customer buying decisions?
  • Why empathy and a deep understanding of your customers is key
  • Understanding how the broader context of our world situation affects your messaging

Hardwired is a supporter of the Startup NZ entrepreneurs scholarship programme.


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