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In this edition of Knowledge Base, Richard Liew talks with Brent Ireland, CEO of social media and content experts Collab Digital.

In 2023, business social media platform LinkedIn celebrated its 20th birthday signifying at least two decades since social media has been available for businesses to use as part of their marketing and communications mix. We check in with Brent Ireland to get the lowdown on what businesses should know about social media today.

Topics Covered:

  • Are there any reasons why today’s businesses should not use social media to grow awareness for their brands? Why or why not?
  • What are three key things founders need to know or do in order to best harness the benefits of social media for their business?
  • What are some common mistakes new businesses make when trying to use social media to grow their brand?
  • How do we employ a test and learn process to find the right content?
  • What is a realistic amount of time that small and large businesses will need to invest into social media in order to see real benefits?
  • What should founders know about the relevance of TikTok for businesses today?

Collab Digital is a supporter of the Startup NZ entrepreneurs scholarship programme.

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