Got your tickets to the 2022 NZ SME&E Festival this 8th and 9th of November? Each week we’ll be sharing a podcast from some of the many great business speakers and mentors you can catch at the festival.

How to develop your business idea into reality

In this episode of the SME&E Festival Podcast, festival organiser Craig Murray speaks to special guest Richard Liew. Do you have a business idea and have been wondering how to ideate that into reality? Are you not sure how to start your business? How do entrepreneurs make a decision to go all in on their business ideas? What is the mindset you need to be in to start a business? If you need the above question (s) answered, then this is the podcast for you.




What is the SME&E Festival?

7 Headline Speakers, 26 workshops, 1 SME&E party, 700 attendees – don’t miss the business event of 2022

The SME&E Festival seamlessly combines high-quality business learning from some of the best business minds in NZ with entertainment, creativity and innovation. SME&E is a new business learning experience, you will leave with new insights, new skills to implement and a strategic framework to help your business grow. Get your tickets at or hear more about the event below.

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