On the back of the successful release of the first two PowerUp Podcasts, Venture Taranaki (Taranaki’s Regional Development Agency) has released the next three instalments of its podcast series.

As part of Taranaki’s entrepreneurship initiative PowerUp, the PowerUp Podcasts celebrate Taranaki’s entrepreneurs and innovators who are leaving their mark on the world, while living the famous Taranaki lifestyle.

Episodes feature a prominent local entrepreneur or entrepreneurs, making waves both nationally and internationally with their trailblazing spirit and can-do attitude. The latest three episodes tell the entrepreneurial stories of Michael and Rachel Perrett (The Green School, HRV and Chillaxing), James Donald and Letitia Stevenson (Yonder), and Pania Winterburn (Kaitahi, Ngā Rauru Kiitahi).

Investors Michael and Rachel Perrett are on an ambitious journey to change the way our children are educated. As the founders of Green School in Taranaki, they are implementing a sustainable and holistic education system that worked wonders for their son in Bali. In their episode of PowerUp Podcasts, the Perretts talk about how they established a world-class facility with world-class educators in such a small pocket of the world. With the utmost dedication, Michael and Rachel discuss their vision for education and for Taranaki, shining a light on how they hope to produce fully rounded students that can thrive in the modern world.

PowerUp Podcasts
Rachel and Michael Perrett (The Green School, HRV and Chillaxing)

James Donald and Letitia Stevenson are the founders of Yonder, a company that’s designing custom bots for leading tourism companies all over New Zealand. From a chance meeting at a business event to bravely going into business together, their determination and initiative has helped them make their far-off dream a reality. James and Letitia have been on a rapid learning curve that keeps getting steeper each time they tackle a new challenge (thanks a lot, COVID-19). They are adaptable and creative, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way are super relevant for anyone in business.

PowerUp podcasts
James Donald and Letitia Stevenson (Yonder)

Ngā Rauru Kiitahi iwi is behind the award-winning smoothie company Kaitahi. Ngā Rauru Kiitahi have used a socially and environmentally friendly model to deliver healthy food all over New Zealand. What’s more, their innovative superfood smoothy drops utilise traditional Māori ingredients. In her PowerUp Podcast, Pania Winterburn talks through how Kaitahi has gone from a small community nursery in South Taranaki to making unique frozen smoothie drops with ingredients such as pūhā and kawakawa. She talks about the evolution of the business, how they navigate its iwi ownership and how they’ve been guided by their culture and their people.

PowerUp podcasts
Pania Winterburn (Kaitahi, Ngā Rauru Kiitahi)

The lessons learned and stories told by local Taranaki entrepreneurs will resonate with innovators nation-wide. Regardless of the great Taranaki backdrop – they’re a must listen for everyone!

The final three podcasts in the PowerUp Podcast series will be released this May.

The PowerUp Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox and wherever you go to get your podcasts.

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For more information about PowerUp, visit Taranaki.co.nz, or to enquire about Venture Taranaki services email powerup@venture.org.nz.


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