For many would-be entrepreneurs, the idea of stepping away from a promising career to start a business can trigger something of an identity crisis that prevents many from trying. Are you prepared to risk years of hard work or study to try something that has no guarantee of success?

In this interview, NZ Entrepreneur Editor Richard Liew, talks to Nuwanthie Samarakone, the founder of successful talent development consultancy ICE, about exactly this dilemma.

Emerging from university with thousands of others in the height of the global financial crisis, many people would think that a safe, secure lifelong career in the health sector would be an enticing reward for the years of hard work and study required to qualify for it.

But not for Samarakone who saw a disconnect between the pathway for students into the workforce, and the ability and desire of organisations to develop and attract young talent.

Armed with nothing but a vague idea of a service that could be, the young entrepreneur decided that she would not spend her life wondering, “What if?”, and began a journey that now sees the company she founded operating in six countries and assisting the career development of thousands of young people each year.

For anyone considering starting a business – especially those grappling with the idea of changing fields or stepping out of an existing career – this interview is an inspiring and insightful watch, including some key insights around the process of market validation and early business development.

Watch the interview below.

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