Founder: Danni Whittaker
HQ: Brisbane

Tell us about your business.

Fit Meet is a mobile app that connects people based on their sport and location to find training partners. I want to encourage and make it easier for people to become more active, by linking them up with accountability partners and making fitness more fun and more social, in an attempt to combat the obesity epidemic.

Who and where are your target customers?

My target customers are sport and fitness companies who want to market to their ideal client directly.

Target users are those who want to find someone to train with at the gym, for an event, to play sports with or even those who want to meet someone to walk with and simply motivate and keep them accountable. Fit Meet covers all sports, all ages, all fitness levels and all locations.

Who, how and when did you first come up with the idea for your business?

I came up with the idea in May 2014; a lot of the girls in the female competitor and flexible dieting groups I was in were complaining they had no girlfriends that wanted to lift weights with them. I thought why not just link them up with an app? From there it grew to cover all sports, locations, fitness levels, and I am sure it will continue to evolve as it grows and users provide feedback on what else they would like.

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What are your three biggest unique selling points?

  1. It is a free download, available worldwide
  2. It really is for anyone; all fitness levels, all ages
  3. And there are not many other platforms like it currently (I was the first to market on both iOS and android, globally)

What are three things about your business that you are proud of?

  1. The fact I have followed through with the initial idea and have actually launched a physical app.
  2. I kept persisting after an extremely frustrating year in 2016 and am now able to move forward again.
  3. I am entirely self funded so far; I have put my money where my mouth is!

What is the biggest entrepreneur lesson you would like to share with other Kiwis thinking of starting their own business?

Take action!

Because if you don’t someone else will. Plus this way, when people say “Oh, I thought of that”, you can say “Ok, but where is your app?” You just need to start. And you can figure it out along the way.

And always build your network, because this will be one of your most valuable assets.

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