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At a glance

Founder: Suzie Mulvihill

Business: Soulshine Spores

Founded: 2021

HQ: Otago

Can you tell us a bit about your business?

Soulshine Spores are a premium range of medicinal mushroom blends. They are the ultimate wellness supplement that is designed to improve and maintain your overall wellbeing, enabling you to be the best shining version of yourself.

Our blends are USDA Organic Certified, EU, Australia, Canada Organic and are 3rd party tested in New Zealand, ensuring premium quality.

Our objective is to increase the prevalence of functional mushrooms in New Zealand by providing exceptional blends that empower individuals to achieve optimal health and radiance.

We believe in the transformative power of mushrooms, which have helped us overcome our own health obstacle, from eliminating brain fog, a natural energy booster, and creating a happier gut. Our mission is to share the magic of mushrooms with the world through our blends and to hear feedback from our customers as they experience their own health-enhancing benefits. We are proud to be building a brand that makes a meaningful difference to peoples health.

What’s the backstory for your business idea?

My name is Suzie, and I am the Founder of Soulshine Spores, a health brand born out of my passion for optimal health and wellness. My goal is to positively impact people’s lives by providing natural solutions that help maintain, support, and achieve optimal health. With five years of experience working at a five-star health retreat in Bali, I witnessed the toll that stress and burnout can take on people’s health. 

It became clear to me that prioritising our well-being is essential to living our best lives. I discovered the powerful benefits of the Lion’s Mane mushroom after suffering from brain fog, which sparked my curiosity about other types of mushrooms and their potential to promote optimal health. At Soulshine Spores, we’re committed to sharing these natural solutions with others so they can become the best version of themselves every day.

What programmes, learning or mentoring, or resources have been of assistance so far?

Prior to launching, I knew the importance of seeking guidance and support, so I reached out to Regional Business Partners. They connected me with a wonderful local growth advisor named Nic Jones, who has been an incredible source of encouragement and support from day one. Nic understood the excitement and uncertainties that come with starting a business and provided me with invaluable assistance.

Through Nic’s guidance, I gained access to a wealth of resources and training opportunities. Nic created an action plan full of recommendations such as the Mentor Programme (which I joined for $295 for a year membership & access to a mentor), Startup NZ Entrepreneurs, Digital Boost, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) for information, FoodSouth/Food Innovation Network for support, as well as contacts for food packaging regulations and quality assurance for product testing.

These recommendations proved to be invaluable tools, saving me from the overwhelming task of sifting through endless search results on Google. Thanks to the help and mentorship I received, I was able to navigate the early stages of my business with greater confidence and clarity.


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