NZ has a thriving technology start-up ecosystem with many organisations working together to provide Kiwi founders with support, knowledge, funding and connections throughout their entrepreneurial journeys. In this four-part series by NZ Growth Capital Partners we meet technology start-ups from a range of industries and the people helping them grow. This week, Beyond.

About Beyond

At the cutting edge of creating virtual worlds, Beyond builds environments that encourage human connection, sociability and fun.

Blending together technology and entertainment since establishment in 2018, co-founders Jessica and Anton created Beyond with a focus on multi-player virtual-reality (VR) gaming. This Kiwi start-up is creating welcoming and engaging virtual spaces and experiences – expanding from the traditional view of virtual reality gaming into new areas like location based games, metaverse environments and worlds where everyone can belong.

Beyond was the first studio in the world to launch an eight-player free-room game (Oddball) and was awarded the Spark 5G Starter Fund in 2020. In 2022, Beyond sold out its VR collection of Burrows in less than 30 minutes while raising over $1 million for Auckland City Mission via a collaboration auction with Kiwi technology company Non-Fungible Labs and musician/rapper/actor Snoop Dogg.

Every Kiwi should back or build a startup. Startup founders are genuinely tackling and solving the world’s big problems. One of the western world’s most acute problems at the moment is diminishing opportunities for authentic fun social connection. Investing in startups like Beyond is a super tangible, rewarding way to help the world be a better place… and generate financial, social and economic returns.

Suse Reynolds – Executive Chair, Angel Association New Zealand


Programmes and partners

Spark 5G Starter Fund: Winners 2020
NZTE: International strategy
Callaghan Innovation: R&D Grant
Territory3: Founder connections and events
Unreal Engine: Tech support
AWS: Tech support


NZGCP, Angel HQ, K1W1, 0TO60 Nominee Ltd

About NZ Growth Capital Partners

NZGCP is a Government entity that exists to support New Zealand early-stage businesses and investors to be world-class. We operate two funds:

Our Aspire NZ Seed Fund invests directly into early-stage Kiwi technology start-ups alongside other like-minded investors.

Our Elevate NZ Venture Fund is a fund of funds, investing into venture capital firms; aimed at filling the Series A and B capital gap for high-growth New Zealand technology companies.

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