Rebel Business School Aotearoa (RBSA) is well-known for two things: its unapologetic, startup-friendly mentality, and its dedication to business education. As we move into the latter half of 2023, Rebel has once again turned their eye to New Zealand’s entrepreneurial innovation.

This time, they’ll be partnering with the Semaine Group, developers of the bizezi app, to bring Kiwis a brand new 2-day online program: the Business Plan Sprint.

“bizezi is designed to fulfil a need in the start-up marketplace and to complement the existing business training ecosystem,” said Tony Henderson-Newport, Chief Kiwi of RBSA and business evangelist for the bizezi app. “Importantly, bizezi is an educational tool first and that is something we are really excited about. The easy way to explain this is that bizezi gamifies the business plan building process.”

Since 2019, Henderson-Newport has spearheaded the campaign to launch the generative tool for New Zealand’s local brands and startups. One of the first places to interact with the app will be the upcoming Business Plan Sprint.

The 2-day business bootcamp has three different sign-up periods to choose from, ranging from September to October 2023. Geared towards new and existing entrepreneurs looking to scale up or attract loans for starting a business, the course will be delivered online via a team of Rebel-certified experts. There, experienced facilitators will help attendees craft a personalised business plan, NZ style.

Other highlights of the two-day course package include:

  • Learning how a healthy, competitive market will strengthen your business.
  • A focused walkthrough on SWOT analysis, business models for the NZ market, and 1-year financial forecasts.
  • A complete rundown on customer demographics, and how having a clear understanding of them will help you improve your financial outlook.

Additionally, attendees will learn the ins and outs of the Semaine Group’s bizezi app; a generative tool that will assist you in writing the perfect business plan for your startup.

All together, Business Plan Sprint will give local entrepreneurs comprehensive guidance on growing their startups and NZ grants for starting a business. Attendees can receive a 20% discount off the $765.00 Business Plan Sprint course price through participating local councils, chambers of commerce, and economic development agencies.

As for other exciting developments in the startup sector? Outside of Business Plan Sprint, and bizezi’s potential for creating business plan templates, Tony Henderson-Newport has his eye on RBSA’s continued success, with the completion of their latest 10-day course in Hawke’s Bay of July 2023.

Rebel Business School Aotearoa – Hawke’s Bay Cohort 2023.

“There is something empowering when graduates from Rebel Business School Aotearoa bring their business dream to reality. It is not our story, it is theirs,” said Henderson-Newport. “Our commitment to fostering a community of empowered entrepreneurs in New Zealand remains unwavering. Each graduate represents a story of determination, innovation, and resilience, and we are excited to continue supporting their journey.”

RBSA is also celebrating the completion of their 50th successful program, and reaching the milestone of over 1,700 Rebel Graduates to-date.

“We’ve hosted the course twice in Taranaki now,” said Scott Wilson of South Taranaki District Council, “and it provides people throughout the region with a huge lift in confidence and a range of new skills to start and grow a business.”

Spots for Business Plan Sprint are still available. Startups and entrepreneurs interested in learning how to write a business plan for the NZ market are encouraged to register online through the Business Plan Sprint sign-up page.

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