At Chorus, we know just how important it is to have a reliable internet connection when you’re starting out. Whether it’s running apps in the Cloud or video-calling with new prospects, you can’t afford to have internet issues at peak times.

As New Zealand’s largest internet infrastructure operator, we enable thousands of businesses to connect to the internet everyday via our world class, congestion-free broadband networks.

Supporting innovation and UFB

From the inception of Chorus and the early days of the Ultra Fast Broadband programme, we’ve been passionate about how fibre broadband can drive innovation and growth in Kiwi businesses in an increasingly digital economy.

Starting with our Gigatown competition in 2013 to our support of Tech Week in recent years, it’s been exciting to be a part of growing a culture of innovation in regional New Zealand and to assist a range of businesses with their own digital transformations.

You only need to look at the impact of Covid-19 pandemic to appreciate the importance now of having strong future proofed broadband networks to allow businesses to operate in a flexible workplace model and be more productive online.

Fibre, it’s how we internet now

The building of our world class fibre network has been a big focus for Chorus over the last decade. As the latest in fixed-line broadband technology, it is New Zealanders most popular way to connect to the internet and outperforms other broadband types on a range of criteria.

So, if you didn’t realise it already, going with a fibre connection is a great option when sorting your internet access. But in business, you also want connectivity that is fit for purpose.

That is why Chorus has developed business grade fibre connections on our network, with specific features tailored toward the needs of start-ups and SMEs including:

  • Super-fast speed – so you and you team can work more efficiently
  • Greater performance – for consistently reliable and fast internet, no matter what time of the day.
  • Business restore – to get back up and running quickly if there’s ever a network fault.
  • Future ready – more data capacity, so you can expand, take on high profile projects, enter new markets and plan big.

Check out our recommendation tool to see which of our business grade connection features best suit your business size and function. That way you’ll be more equipped when discussing your broadband plan needs with your service provider. Just be sure you specify a Chorus business connection, or you may end up on a broadband connection more intended for residential internet use.

Talk to us

To find out more about Chorus as an organisation and any network opportunities there might be to work with you, get in touch with us direct at on 0800 600 100 or message us on social media at Facebook and Twitter.

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