If your sales process ends when you close a sale, chances are your clock is out of sync with your customer’s. As you move onto your the next opportunity, you clock will have stopped for the first customer, just as theirs is starting.


The customer clock starts when they take receipt of and begin using the goods or services they have purchased. As a buyer, you don’t say “I first started looking for this car 10 months ago and I’m really pleased with it.” Instead, you say “I’ve had this car for 8 months and I’m really pleased with it.” The time begins when you take possession of the car, not when you first talk to the salesperson.

If you only watch your own clock, your competitors will soon be changing the time on your customer’s clock. If you haven’t been in contact with a customer since they made a purchase, give them a call now and start watching their clock instead of your own.


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