Interview: David Perks

Role: General Manager, Regional Development, Destination & Attraction

Organisation: WellingtonNZ


Hot Lime Labs

NZ smarts brings renewable CO2 a step closer for growers


Wellington’s Hot Lime Labs has developed a new technology to increase greenhouse crop yields and reduce carbon footprints by turning waste wood into clean, sustainable CO2. Dr. Vlatko Materic might have given up on his business idea, now known as Hot Lime Labs, if not for a chance visit to a commercial tomato and capsicum greenhouse […]


Profile: makeripples


When COVID-19 hit and the future of in-person events for the next year or two was called into question, Fishhook, a startup focused on promoting science through in person events, had two options: ride it out and hope for the best, or focus all of their attention on another product they were developing—makeripples. makeripples, as […]

Publicity Studeo

Innovation Nation: Publicity Studio


Founder: Amanda Vaisigano HQ: Wellington A new approach to PR is aiming to turn the traditional PR agency business model upside down. Amanda Vaisigano established Wellington-based Publicity Studio two years ago, after realising small businesses and startups often had no support for PR aside from the traditional monthly retainer model, which she believed was often […]

Fish and swallow productions

Profile: Fish and Swallow Productions


A desire to develop her filmmaking skills lead Michelle Kan to start independent film and online content production studio Fish and Swallow Productions—a studio dedicated to documenting cultural events and spotlighting artists, creatives, and other extraordinary individuals from around New Zealand. It all started for Michelle when she graduated from Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of […]


Profile: StudySpy


StudySpy are making it easier for Aotearoa’s young adults to make one of the most important decisions of their lives—what they are going to study. For years it was difficult for students to find out about scholarships and courses without searching through stacks of publications or visiting a whole bunch of websites. This sparked an […]

Qisma Tech

Profile: Qisma Tech


Mohammad Al-Rubayee and Cameron Laing are the pioneers behind Qisma Tech, a start-up determined to help young Kiwis develop the technological skills they need for a successful future. Technology is an ever-increasing part of our lives so it’s important that children coming through New Zealand schools learn the skills they need to thrive in a […]


Profile: HerbScience


Cynthia Hunefeld, a self-confessed ‘herbnerd’, has taken her passion for plants and launched her own business, HerbScience, which is focussed on bringing herbal medicine into the 21st Century. Cynthia’s interest in plants and their potential for healing was cemented when she was just 10 years old. After her father contracted a debilitating bacterial infection, Cynthia […]

Marzipan Design

Innovation Nation: Marzipan Design


Reducing the amount of waste we produce is one of the keys to curbing the devastating impact throwaway culture is having on the natural environment. But there is one major barrier that gets in the way—our inability to repair our own products. Steven Almond, an industrial designer by trade, experienced this first-hand when he decided […]