Fresh from their recent $1.4M equity crowd funding raise, Christchurch entrepreneurs James Mount and Grace Glass talked to Richard Liew about an entrepreneurial journey that started for them six years ago.

James and Grace’s story is a classic case study in Kiwi entrepreneurship. While their capital raise with crowd funding platform Snowball Effect was oversubscribed within weeks, the pair admit the six year journey to get to that point has been anything but plain sailing.

In fact, the duo, only now in their late 20’s, are adamant that the hard lessons learnt and challenges overcome by bootstrapping their first half dozen years, have been key to qualifying for the privilege and responsibility that comes with raising outside money.

In this interview, hear how despite having no prior entrepreneurial experience, no money, and no idea if their venture would pay off, the two purpose driven millennials were able to embark on a journey that is already as instructional as it is inspiring.

Watch the interview below.

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