Ever thought about starting your own business? Maybe you’ve already started a business? Maybe you’re an experienced business builder or investor with several businesses under your belt and the scars to prove it?

Where ever you might be in your entrepreneurial journey, NZ Entrepreneur is for creative, ambitious, hard working Kiwi entrepreneurs like you!

No doubt about it, entrepreneurs are vital for a healthy economy, a thriving country and communities, and a healthy and wealthy citizenship. They’re the ones with the guts to put it all on the line (their jobs, time, money, ego, status, health, relationships) in the pursuit of their vision to help solve a particular problem, fulfill a need, or simply make the lives of their customers better, easier or happier in some way. Those who succeed create the entities and industries that provide jobs and wages for employees, income for suppliers and service providers, revenue for the government… and maybe, just maybe, financial security and a sense of fulfillment for their owners!

New Zealand is an amazing country and we have a lot to be thankful for, but it seems to me (and a bunch of other people far smarter than me!) that the key to the future wellbeing of our country, and our future standard of living, lies not in the hands of our politicians, academics or public policy advisors, but in the hands of our entrepreneurs. While it’s the job of the Government to decide how to “carve up” the pie, it is our wealth creators – our entrepreneurs – who are the key to “growing” the pie.

Quite simply, to ensure New Zealand remains a vibrant, wealthy country, with plenty of jobs for our people, and a government that can afford to invest in world class healthcare, education, infrastructure and all the other public services we want, we need more visionary New Zealanders creating world beating businesses that bring in mountains of foreign cash.

With this in mind we have four goals for NZ Entrepreneur:

  • To inspire more Kiwi’s to get on with starting the business they’ve always dreamed of starting.
  • To encourage those who have started businesses to set their sights beyond just being the biggest or best in New Zealand – the “bach, boat and ‘Beemer'” mentality is holding us back!
  • To share, celebrate and learn from the hard learned lessons and successes of Kiwi entrepreneurs who are out there doing it.
  • And most importantly we hope to provide a voice of encouragement for anyone who is out there, slogging their guts out in pursuit of their business building dreams, and wondering if it’s all worth it!

Becoming an entrepreneur is certainly not easy and not for the faint-hearted, but like anything else in life, I firmly believe that anyone committed to learning the skills, attitude and mindset of successful business builders can do it.

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Richard Liew
Founder NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

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