For many of us, the morning is our most productive time of the day, with the two hours after lunch being the least productive.

That’s why those sensible people in southern European countries take a siesta – we are naturally programmed to rest during the early afternoon! 

Spending the first hour of the day deciding where to start your day is a waste of your most productive time. (And if you enjoy a coffee, read the sports news, catch the gossip and clear the junk email you are in the inefficient majority. You should do this in the early afternoon while you are ‘sleep working.’)

Planning tomorrow is best done at the end of today. so, 10 minutes before you leave the office, or sitting in your car for 10 minutes when you get home before you go inside, take a sheet of paper or your latest i-gadget and write down the important things you will start your day with tomorrow.

When tomorrow comes, have the discipline to begin your day with the first thing on your plan. Knowing that tomorrow is planned, you will be more able to switch off from work today, and enjoy the evening more too.

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