UK technology news site Tech Radar has named New Zealand company, Secured Signing, in the top 3 best electronic signature solutions currently on the global market.

Adam Marshall from Tech Radar describes Secured Signing as “the one-stop digital signatures service to get to the all-important dotted line as soon as possible”.

Marshall also writes, “We’re impressed by the sheer amount of extra services it offers. For example, there’s a video confirmation feature where you can identify the signer and prevent any document tampering (if that’s a concern). You can invite others to sign and there’s an even option for document negotiation”.

Secured Signing stood out on top for its cost effectiveness compared to Docusign and Adobe eSign. “Secured Signing is more cost effective software than the above two eSignature solutions. We also like that it’s easier to customise your package and get better value as you add more users”.

Mike Eyal, Secured Signing Founder and Managing Director said, “Our ethos is to make our full service suite available for every single customer without charging extra. We know that for all businesses, regardless of industry or size there will come a time or scenario where one of our extra services will be of benefit”. Extra features such as the world first Video Confirmation feature can be used to complete customer due diligence and comply with know your customer regulation (KYC).

In response to being named in the top three, Eyal said he is very proud of his team’s achievement. “We are especially honored to represent New Zealand in this growing market and showcase our unique innovation and digital signature and data capture solution on the world stage. Our goal is to completely enable our customers to run an efficient and paperless business”.

Read the full article in Tech Radar here.

For more information contact:

David Schulz
Secured Signing

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