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At a glance

Founder: Justine McIntyre

Business: InjuryHub

Founded: February 2023

HQ: Hawke’s Bay

Can you tell us a bit about your business?

We are on a mission to reshape how we approach treatment for injuries, empowering providers to regain control over the care they deliver.

In the current healthcare environment, both patients and providers face significant challenges, including escalating provider costs, administrative overheads, overwhelmed hospital systems, prolonged wait times, and obstacles in accessing necessary injury care.

At InjuryHub we recognise these issues, and are committed to transforming the injury care pathway for everyone involved.

Our platform eliminates the need for endless internet searches and phone calls. InjuryHub redefines the injury care journey by offering a comprehensive, single-point platform that connects patients directly with the care they need. This includes everything from booking immediate injury appointments online, to accessing a full spectrum of recovery services like imaging services, physiotherapy, specialists, pharmacies and many more.

For providers, we streamline operations by introducing additional revenue streams and enabling real-time bookings with specialists and services anywhere, anytime. This significantly reduces the administrative load and the number of inbound calls, helping clinics cut costs.

We are pioneering a movement that not only improves efficiency but also restores control to patients and providers, enhancing the entire injury care landscape.

What’s the backstory for your business idea?

After having spent 15 years in injury care I found myself becoming frustrated with inefficiencies plaguing our system. To alleviate hospital burdens, I started an injury care business alongside a remarkable team, but we still battled with outdated systems, soaring service costs, and the struggle to get timely care for our patients. Conversations with both patients and fellow providers echoed the same.

On the evening of Feb 13th 2023 as the Cyclone was about to hit, we sat down and worked through some ideas, sketched out a basic app and drafted a business plan, we then closed down the computers, charged the torches, and went to bed. The next day our early concept became realised with limited power, our injury team became a hub for co-ordinating injury care traffic across Hawke’s Bay. It was in this moment we realised the real potential for positive change in our sector.

What programmes, learning or mentoring, or resources have been of assistance so far?

  1. NZ Entrepreneur Magazine and #StartupNZ Entrepreneurs Programme – fantastic resource to understand the landscape and next steps to take, have returned to this so often for guidance.
  2. Ministry of Awesome’s- Electrify Aotearoa Women Founders Conference Highly recommended for all female founders at any stage. Very supportive network with inspiring speakers.
  3. Startup Queenstown Lakes – I have attended their Techstars Startup Weekend and other events– Incredibly supportive network and very well co-ordinated events – great for early stages and peer to peer connections.
  4. Electrify Accelerator (MOA)– Very fortunate to be part of this amazing accelerator – wonderful wrap around support from all types of mentors in every industry, fantastic coaches and amazing female founders to inspire and support.

The advice and networks we have gained on our journey so far have been invaluable and we will be forever grateful for those who have supported us and reached out.


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