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At a glance

Founder: Lou Anne Lowry

Business: DoPaw

Founded: 2020 / Launched 2023

HQ: Waikato

Can you tell us a bit about your business?

DoPaw, based in the North Island of New Zealand, stands out as a distinguished 100% raw, natural, and grain-free pet treat manufacturer and online retailer. Our handcrafted treats, made from premium human-grade ingredients, include unique 100% raw frozen treats like bite-sized sausages, trachea cookies, love bites and meatball treats.

What distinguishes DoPaw is our unwavering commitment to quality and science. We prioritize human-grade ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers, reflecting our belief that every family member, furry ones included, deserves top-notch nutrition. Backed by founder Lou’s expertise in animal nutrition and metabolism, our treats undergo rigorous laboratory testing, surpassing AAFCO/NRC requirements for omega-3 fatty acids.

Recognising the less-than-enticing perception of raw pet food, DoPaw aims to revolutionise the industry. Our treats feature eye-catching packaging and are crafted with meticulous beauty to eliminate the mess associated with raw feeding. Breaking free from traditional options, we introduce unique 100% raw frozen treats, making raw feeding appealing to a broader audience.

Beyond nutrition, DoPaw brings glamour to the raw pet food market. Filling the aesthetic gap in pet nutrition, our treats redefine the industry in New Zealand, combining both fabulousness and nutrition. Welcome to DoPaw, where love, science, and glamour converge to elevate your pet’s treat experience!

What’s the backstory for your business idea?

Founded in July 2020 as KiwiPaw Pet Food Ltd, DoPaw stems from my Animal Science background. I have a MSc (Masters of Science) in Animal Metabolism and Nutrition. Identifying a gap in the New Zealand market for 100% raw, premium frozen pet treats, DoPaw emerged. Despite a 55.2% market share in the treat and chilled pet food industry, the niche for such treats remained unexplored.

My family, particularly my father-in-law with meat industry expertise, played a crucial role in manufacturing. Using a commercial mincer and sausage maker, DoPaw crafts treats weekly, emphasising our trademarked slogan, “made with love for all paws.”

I have been an animal welfare advocate since my SPCA volunteering days, I now use DoPaw as a platform to promote values in the animal welfare industry, blending my deep love for animals with a science-based commitment to their wellbeing.

What programmes, learning or mentoring, or resources have been of assistance so far?

  • I have completed a BSc (Bachelor of Science) with a major in both Animal and Biological Sciences, and a minor in Physiology. After this, I successfully completed a MSc in Animal Science with a specific focus on Animal Metabolism and Nutrition.
  • During my postgraduate studies, I was inducted into both the Massey University Feline Nutrition Research Centre and AgResearch, New Zealand – both of these experiences strongly encouraged my passion of both animal nutrition and research.
  • Most Animal Science graduates opt to join the Animal Production sector in New Zealand or a laboratory environment, however, I envisioned something a little different. I would recommend diving outside of your comfort zone, your degree can be used in more ways than you think!


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