If you are anything like me, you’ve heard the age old cliche, “take all the opportunities that come your way”.

Now first off, I must concede that this is sound advice, however it’s my growing belief that it’s when people take control of their own future that they are able to achieve their goals. In short, for many people, the most effective way to achieve their goals is not to throw mud and see what sticks.

As a young person, it amazes me how free we are to do whatever we want, with a platform to try things in an environment that’s as risk free as it can ever be. I’m 18 years old, and the only thing I regret as that I didn’t realise this sooner.

It’s now easier to create your own opportunities than it has ever been. You might be one email or phone call away from doing the thing you have been waiting months or years for someone to come and offer you. Having put this thesis to the test myself, I have spent the last 12 months trying to create as many opportunities for myself as I can, alongside my high school and university studies.

I am a best-selling author because a group of mates and I decided to publish a book; no one came and asked me to write a book.

I am CEO of the The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Company of the Year Where’s Woolly, because I decided to start a business and give it all the spare time I had; no one came and told me that sacrificing my economics grades was a good idea.

I developed an international investment portfolio because I decided to pick up the phone one day and call a stockbroker; no one came to me and offered me the opportunity to invest.

I have done marketing consultancy for multi-million dollar revenue businesses because I decided to contact them and offer to work for them for free; no one came and offered the opportunity for an 18-year-old to give marketing advice to million-dollar revenue businesses.

Disclaimer; I also procrastinate, sleep far too much, hate early starts and struggle for motivation if the passion is not there.

However this piece is not about me – it’s about you, and your ability to achieve and gain experience in almost any field you want (business or not) by simply having the mindset to create your opportunities.

You could sit around and wait for opportunities to find you… or you could go out and create the opportunities that could change your life. Good luck.

Alistair King is the co-founder and CEO of Where’s Woolly.

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