Marco Dingemans, General Manager at Startup Queenstown Lakes is inviting local and visiting entrepreneurs to make the most of the next Techstars Startup Weekend.

In Queenstown Lakes District, the entrepreneurial spirit is more alive than ever. To enhance this force, the Techstars Startup Weekend from 10 – 12 November, Queenstown is the place to be. We are bringing together entrepreneurs, innovators and mentors to transform ideas into reality in just 54 hours.

The weekend that changes perceptions

Startup Weekend kicks off with participants pitching their ideas, spanning a wide range of industries and niches. Once the ideas are presented, teams form around the most promising ones, and the real work begins. Participants are then immersed in a whirlwind of creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration. 

Tuki Huck, a past participant and founder of Official Tracks, reflects on his experience, saying, “The team at the Startup Queenstown-Lakes Startup Weekend provided some great energy and guidance. I learned so much from just two days of participation and was left wanting more.”

Mentors: guiding the way

One of the unique aspects of Startup Weekend is the presence of experienced mentors who provide valuable guidance to the teams and generously donate their free time. These mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts who help participants navigate the challenges of launching a startup.

Rachel Butler, a mentor at the 2020 Startup Weekend in Queenstown, emphasises the importance of mentorship: “Being a mentor is about asking the right questions to help the team on their way. Startup Weekend is the best money you’ll ever spend – it’s a must do for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.”

Pitch night: from ideas to reality

The culmination of Startup Weekend is Pitch Night, where teams present their startups to a panel of judges and a live audience. This high-stakes presentation is the ultimate test of their hard work and innovation.

Marco Dingemans, General Manager at Startup Queenstown Lakes.

It’s not just about winning; it’s about the experience and the lessons learned. Participants often continue to work on their startups after the weekend is over, seeking funding, growing their teams, and scaling their ventures.

Louise Evans, a former participant, summarises the impact of Startup Weekend by saying, “Startup Weekend is an amazing experience – a collision of ideas and creative chaos. A place where would-be entrepreneurs find the confidence to pitch, and understand what can make or break an idea”.

If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your idea into a reality, don’t miss the next Techstars Startup Weekend event in Queenstown.

And as always we are grateful for our sponsors helping make it all happen – Queenstown Lakes District Council, Callaghan Innovation, Anderson Lloyd, Runn and Business Mentors NZ.

The Details

  • What: Techstars Startup Weekend Queenstown
  • When: From Friday 10 November 5pm to Sunday 12 November 8pm.
  • Where: CBD Queenstown
  • How: Sign up at
  • How much: Tickets start from $139 including all meals, snacks, mentoring and pitch night
  • Why: Your next big business adventure could be just this weekend away!

Marco Dingemans is General Manager at Startup Queenstown Lakes.

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