In a significant move to support New Zealand’s small business operators facing unprecedented financial pressures, Kiwi Fintech SaaS tax and accounting software specialist Afirmo has announced a pricing freeze in their fees for 2024.

The decision comes as a lifeline for many small business owners who are struggling to stay afloat amid rising management costs and cash flow challenges, says Afirmo CEO Rob Rolls.

Afirmo is a New Zealand-owned and -managed automated online tax and accounting management software for small business owners; and fees are set at a price point in keeping with small business budgets.

“Small business owners we talk to are experiencing real hardship,” says Rolls. “Many have cashflow issues, aren’t paying themselves, and are having to put up their prices. In this climate of high inflation and rising costs of goods, many small business owners are dipping into their personal, non-business savings to stay afloat.”

The economic landscape has been particularly harsh on small businesses, with many facing the dual burden of increased operational costs and expensive professional fees. Accountants’ fees, often a significant expense for small enterprises, coupled with rising costs from other software service providers, have added to the financial strain.

Mary Fitzgerald, co-founder, Afirmo.

Afirmo’s pricing freeze is set to provide much-needed relief. “Getting paid on time and staying true to agreed fees is crucial for small business survival. More business providers need to support each other with pricing and payment promises to get through this tough time. Afirmo is holding firm on its pricing as a way of supporting small business owners through these uncertain times,” Afirmo co-founder Mary Fitzgerald adds.

The freeze stands in stark contrast to recent price hikes from other large, successful multinationals, including Xero and MYOB, which have raised their prices just when small business owners are struggling the most. Such increases exacerbate the financial burden on small businesses, making Afirmo’s pledge even more critical.

“Being on top of your business finances is crucial during this downturn, yet the cost of doing so is becoming too much for some businesses as accounting software platforms increase their pricing schedules,” says Rolls.

“If business owners sign up with Afirmo by July 7 on eligible Afirmo annual subscription plans, we will also help relieve cost pressures for them by preparing and filing their 2024 business tax return at no cost.”

“Small business owners rely on providers like us to support their businesses,” says Rolls. “Some of these large, successful multinationals have increased their pricing again, just at a time when business owners are really struggling to survive.”

Afirmo’s decision to freeze pricing for 2024 is rooted in a commitment to help small business owners navigate the financial ripples caused by the current economic downturn. “These people are doing it tough and need to be able to rely on pricing promises,” Fitzgerald concluded.

By freezing its prices overall, along with tax return filing extensions to 2025, Afirmo aims to provide stability and predictability for small business owners in at least one aspect of their cost base, enabling them to focus on growth and sustainability without the added worry of rising tax and accounting management costs. This initiative underscores the company’s dedication to supporting the backbone of New Zealand’s economy – its small businesses – during these challenging times.

To migrate easily from other accounting software services to Afirmo, is part of the Afirmo service, streamlined to take any pain for small business owners shifting from other providers, checking the old information for accuracy when customers are migrated over.

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