Interview: Linda Stewart

Role: CEO

Organisation: Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA)



Startup Watch: StockTrim


Founder/s: Paul Simpson & Dominic Sutton HQ: Manawatu-Whanganui What problems do you solve and what products or services do you sell? StockTrim has a SaaS product, an online app that helps larger SMB’s save money with their inventory costs.  It’s really difficult for businesses that buy and sell products to know how much to order […]


The BeauBin shows it’s horses for courses in innovation


After years of iterations, Palmerston North’s Peurgon successfully combined two hay-feeding methods, resulting in a product that’s saving both time and money for horse owners.  It’s difficult for company founder Chelsea Hirst to identify the exact moment she launched her business. She began designing and developing a product in mid-2014, but she would hardly call […]

Honest Wolf

Startup Watch: Honest Wolf


Founder/s: Sam and Sophie Hurley HQ: Manawatu-Whanganui What problems do you solve, and what products or services do you sell? In the rural industry, the return on wool is a big topic of conversation as years ago, wool was a sought-after commodity and a big profit earner for farmers, but the return has been declining […]

Gear Hub

Startup Watch: Gear Hub


Founders: Tully Alexandra and Cameron Scott HQ: Manawatu-Whanganui Solving personal needs is often the genesis of great ideas. Two entrepreneurs from Palmerston North did just that, as they explained to Erin Westover. What problems do you solve and what products or services do you sell? For farmers, capital items like machinery are generally expensive. At […]


Remote sensing technology to revolutionise fertiliser application on NZ farms


Palmerston North company, Hyperceptions, is gearing up to take its remote sensing technology to the market, in a bid to transform the way fertiliser is applied on NZ hill country farms. Covering 1000 ha per hour, the hyperspectral aerial technology identifies chemical makeup and health of vegetation, and nutrient fertility status of soil, thus providing […]

Tahi Spirulina

Startup Watch: Tahi Spirulina


FOUNDERS: Justin Hall, Benoit Gueiysse, Olivier Ausseil and Rob Lawler HQ: Manawatu What problems do you solve and what products or services do you sell? Tahi Spirulina is New Zealand’s only true spirulina producer because we are the only spirulina farm in the country. Out in the world, nutrition is consistently on people’s minds at […]


Startup Watch: EFF-GO


FOUNDER: Simon Jury HQ: Manawatu What problems do you solve and what products or services do you sell? EFF-GO seeks to solve the sewage sludge and other recalcitrant organic waste dilemmas facing a 21st century society. Currently Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants (MWTPs) substantially utilise microbial communities, aerobic and anaerobic, to literally eat wastewater and thus […]


Lockdown launch no barrier for Palmerston North startup earSHOTS


While New Zealand’s COVID-19 Level 4 “lockdown” was the beginning of the end for many Kiwi businesses, Palmerston North headphone startup earSHOTS used the time to both successfully raise money and launch their new range of magnetically-attaching Bluetooth headphones. Erin Westover got the low-down from founder James Bell-Booth. A lover of mountain biking, earSHOTS founder […]