In this message for New Zealand business owners, Richard Liew, founder and editor at #nzentrepreneur magazine shares some words of advice and encouragement for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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UPDATE: 3.25pm 23 Mar 2020

Please note this message was recorded prior to the NZ Government raising the New Zealand COVID-19 alert level to Level 3 and to be raised again at 11.59pm Wed 25 Mar to Level 4. We would like to remind all readers to cooperate with the restrictions advised by Government and the NZ Ministry of Health.

COVID-19: A message from our Editor

Our editor Richard Liew shares a message for Kiwi business owners affected by COVID-19. #nzentrepreneur

Posted by NZ Entrepreneur Magazine on Sunday, March 22, 2020

Key Points

1) “Guard your thoughts”

As business owners we must do our best to “guard our thoughts”. To be at our best we must take responsibility for maintaining a clear, focused and positive mindset, so that we can take action on the things within our control. We need to be very conscious of the effect that subjecting ourselves to ongoing COVID-19 media and social media can have on our frame of mind.

2) “Reach out”

People who have not run a business may find it hard to understand the mental, emotional and financial pressure that many business owners are dealing with. Business owners need to be strong for their team members, while often feeling isolated with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Rather than struggling on in silence, members of the wider business support community want to remind business owners to reach out and make the most of their various business owner support services. Even if it’s just to talk and share the load.

3) “You are not your business”

No matter what happens, we need to remember that we are not our businesses. Our businesses are simply an embodiment at any one point in time, of a deeper entrepreneurial spirit – a representation of your creativity and contribution to the wider world right now. If your business is struggling, or should be forced to close, it is not a reflection of who you are or your value as a person.

4) “Play the long game”

Where possible try and stay focused on your big picture vision for the future. Regardless of what happens now, resolve that you will look after yourself and bide your time, ready to come back harder and better than ever when the time is right. To get back on our feet, New Zealand will need you to be more entrepreneurial, innovative and creative than ever.

5) “Your continued custom is the best support for business owners”

For business owners and non-business owners alike, let’s remember that the best thing we can all do to support NZ’s small business owners is to keep spending. If it’s safe and sensible to do so, your continued custom is the best way to make a positive impact for your community.

Please help us share this with other business owners you know.

Richard Liew is the founder and editor at #nzentrepreneur

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