After successfully making its mark in Wellington, food waste business Wonky Box has now expanded to Auckland.

Wonky Box is a startup aiming to reduce food waste and help both consumers and growers by saving odd looking fruit and vegetables from going to waste.

The subscription-based service collects fresh produce from growers that are perfectly usable but not accepted by larger retailers because of their size or shape. Produce to consumers is always fresh, typically landing on customers doorsteps just 24-48 hours after leaving the farm.

Cofounders Angus Simms and Katie Jackson first noticed a gap in the market when they were travelling around New Zealand in their campervan, picking up the odd seasonal job on farms. It’s there they learned that fruit and vegetables that aren’t quite up to commercial standards get thrown away. They were shocked to see how much produce was going to waste.

Now the couple are on a mission to help as many families and local growers as possible, given it’s a cause they’re both extremely passionate about.

Simms says “We’ve had so much fun getting to know our customers and growers, and seeing the difference that Wonky Box is making, and with the feedback from Wellington so great, it seemed obvious to replicate our approach in Auckland”.

With many Kiwis feeling the squeeze of the cost of living, Simms and Jackson have found a solution that provides fresh produce, without breaking the bank. One Wonky Box will set you back just $32.00 for 10-12 different types of fruit and vegetables – significantly lower than anything comparable in the market.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive in Wellington, with more than 4,000 Kiwis now signed up. And this number continues to grow as more people discover the business.

“We felt that by expanding to Auckland, we could support other growers further afield who are facing similar challenges of food waste,” Simms says.

It’s estimated that up to 40% of food products are wasted on farms. Wonky Box is reinventing a broken supply chain and bringing Kiwis closer to their farmers.

NZ export avocado growers, Pakari Orchard, who work with Wonky Box say that they are pleased to see Kiwi consumers receive their premium quality produce at a fraction of the price. “Our partnership with Wonky Box has provided us with an avenue for mis-shapen, but still great tasting premium avocados. It’s given our avocados that would have been made into oil a second chance” says Alistair Niven, Pakari Orchard co-owner. “It’s a great initiative that we’re proud to be a part of.”

When people sign up to Wonky Box, they are helping to reduce landfill and supporting local growers.

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