Te Puna Umanga/Venture Taranaki has now released the final three episodes of PowerUp Podcast, Season Three, hosted by long time business advocate David Downs.

Over the six-part series, we have heard valuable insights and practical advice from trailblazing Taranaki enterprise owners who are leading in their fields. While all six guests have unique stories, they are all shining examples of how the region’s famous lifestyle and thriving entrepreneur ecosystem allows big ideas to flourish.

With its impressive lineup of guests and thought-provoking topics, PowerUp Podcast Season three is a must-listen for anyone looking to stay on the cutting edge of business and innovation. Don’t miss the final three episodes that uncover award-winning breweries, pioneering industrial transport, and impressive digital content creators.

Joe Emans, Three Sisters Brewery.

Joe Emans was once an engineer in the Middle East. Now, he’s a brewer in Taranaki. But he’s not just any brewer – his award-winning Three Sisters Brewery is one of the region’s best, and it holds pride of place with a bar and restaurant in one of New Plymouth’s oldest buildings.

Joe talks about international collaborations, moving into a grand old bank, crowdfunding and becoming a bona fide business owner. What started as a hobby is now a full-time job, and the way it’s happened is a testament to his passion and tenacity.


CJ Mahony left school at 16 and started a transport company as a bit of a side hobby. Nearly 20 years later, he employs 35 people and is the man behind one of the largest commercial developments in South Taranaki in living memory.

CJ’s AGTRANS business has grown and shifted to be a popular crane transport option in the oil and gas industry. At the same time, his desire to put a permanent driveway to his work site has seen him purchase a 67 acre farm that he’s developing into a $12 million commercial and residential business park. He makes it sound like no big deal because he’s that kind of guy – with a can-do attitude and a no-fuss confidence about him.

Hannah Hunt, Roar Collective.

It’s one thing to listen to podcasts, but what about producing them? Hannah Hunt and Laura Leadbetter started Roar Collective with a shared love for the platform, but not much experience in making podcasts. Four years on, they’re one of New Zealand’s only podcast production companies with an impressive list of corporate and celebrity clients.

Hannah talks through the journey, from signing their first big show before they even had any recording equipment, accessing valuable expertise, all while growing a young family too.

She also reflects on how they’ve done it from Taranaki. Hannah has a big emphasis on work-life balance, which is a big part of why she moved back to the region after years away. It’s a great look into the Taranaki lifestyle, and how the regional culture gives people a productive work and home life.

The PowerUp Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, Google Podcasts and wherever you go to get your podcasts.

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