Pacific Kids’ Learning is excited to announce their highly anticipated third annual showcase, “The Pasifika Digital Showcase,” taking place at Hoyts Cinemas in Sylvia Park today.

The special event serves as the official launch of 35 specially curated animations, demonstrating the immense potential of the digital space and screen industry in preserving and promoting rich histories, languages, and cultures.

This Pasifika Digital Showcase is not only a celebration of heritage but also a powerful platform for communities. By harnessing the power of digital media and creativity, Pacific Kids’ Learning aims to empower Pacific children and families, providing them with opportunities to explore their cultural identities and creative opportunities in a contemporary context. Through this showcase, attendees will witness inspiring animations that foster a sense of pride, engage audiences of all ages, and promote the importance of language and literacy learning.

In collaboration with experts in language development and the creative tech industry, Pacific Kids’ Learning has carefully curated a collection of animated story, song, and dance animations that capture the essence of Pacific cultures. These captivating narratives showcase the richness of the languages, while also highlighting important cultural values and traditions. The Pasifika Digital Showcase aims to inspire a new generation, encouraging them to embrace and value their cultural identities while fostering a love for language and literacy learning.

In addition to the captivating animations, the foyer of Hoyts Cinemas will feature an immersive educational display. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore a digital library online experience, offering digital resources and materials to support language and literacy learning.

Pacific Kids’ Learning envisions the Pasifika Digital Showcase expanding into a digital festival, connecting communities not only within New Zealand and Australia but also globally. By bridging borders, this festival aims to strengthen bonds, deepen cultural understanding, and celebrate the diverse talents and traditions of Pacific communities worldwide.

To support this vision of global community connectivity Pacific Kids’ Learning will actively seek sponsorships and partnerships for the 2024 Digital Festival. They invite organisations and individuals who share a commitment to cross-cultural exchange and empowering Pacific voices to join them in this transformative endeavour.

Pacific Kids’ Learning is grateful for the support of the Ministry of Education and Creative New Zealand in empowering community-driven innovation. With no comparable event currently available in New Zealand or across the Blue Pacific continent, “The Pasifika Digital Showcase” promises to be an unparalleled celebration of vibrant cultures and traditions.

The Pasifika Digital Showcase at Hoyts Cinemas, Sylvia Park is set to be an unforgettable experience, immersing attendees in the beauty and resilience of Pasifika heritage while nurturing a love for language and literacy learning.

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