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At a glance

Founder: Maree Glading

Business: Evre

Founded: 2022

HQ: Auckland

Can you tell us a bit about your business?

We make a range of skincare which has been specially formulated for younger skin. Our range is made in New Zealand, 100% natural, certified palm free, cruelty free and are made to be gentle and balancing for the skin as well as effective for specific skin concerns that teenagers have. We are sustainability conscious, and all our packaging is made from recycled card and our bottles are either sugarcane plastic or PCR. 

As a brand we are focused on the importance of self-care, what this means and how best to incorporate this into your daily regime. Educating teens and parents around mental health and well-being practices is a core pillar of the brand and this is why we donate 2% of all our sales to Youthline in NZ who provide an amazing free service which help youth through challenge and change. 

Our mission as a business is to instil confidence in younger people so they feel free to live evre. day their way!

What’s the backstory for your business idea?

It pains me seeing a problem sitting there without a solution. It all started when I went out to buy my then 12-year-old daughter her first skincare products. I was disheartened to find that nothing met my expectations of being gentle and natural. I also couldn’t find a brand that I thought would appeal to her as well as represent the true beauty positivity and the inclusivity values that I wanted her growing up with. At the same time, we were in the middle of the pandemic and young people particularly are struggling. 

I am hearing horrific stats around NZ having the highest rates of youth suicide and bullying in the world. I thought, something must change, I wanted to create a company that contributes to helping with this situation and shifts the narrative around mental health amongst youth.

What programmes, learning or mentoring, or resources have been of assistance so far?

  • This is my second startup, I cofounded I Love Food Co which is available in all the supermarkets in New Zealand and exported worldwide. I have taken a lot of my learnings from that into this business.
  • I think you can never stop learning, especially in the marketing space as technology is moving so fast.
  • I listen to lots of business podcasts and I like to talk to other entrepreneurs to see what they are doing. 
  • I am also naturally inquisitive so I never stop asking questions.


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