Weed and crop spraying, once a job for heavy agricultural spray units mounted on tractors or quad bikes, has taken to the air thanks to Canterbury agri innovators Drone Spray. Their lightweight drones can carry enough fluid to spray up to 10 hectares in one session, with minimal labour and no ground impact.

Jono Scott, Manager Director and Drone Pilot, says the business is getting in early on what will be the industry norm in 5 to 10 years. That means their website, built in house using the user-friendly WordPress platform, plays an important role for the business. It’s essentially an online billboard and point of contact for customers, allowing Drone Spray to demonstrate what they do using photography and video. Updates and changes to the site are easy to make.

Traffic to the website comes from Google AdWords, which Drone Spray use to keep themselves at the top of searches related to what they offer. ”Our Google AdWords link to our website,” says Jono,  “and allows us to track what keywords do well and get a better return for our money.”

Drone Spray
Jono Scott, Managing Director at Drone Spray.

One of the most useful tools Drone Spray has found on the Digital Boost platform is Checkable. It allows businesses to check how their online presence is doing (analysing their website and social pages) and makes prioritised recommendations to help increase online effectiveness. Checkable provides learning guides on how to make improvements, and makes use of Digital Boost’s large suite of tools.

After finding Digital Boost through an online ad and thinking it was worth checking out, Jono is particularly keen on one app: Last Pass. He admits he has terrible memory for passwords, but with Last Pass he can safely use a wide range of websites and online services securely. Even if their login to a particular site is compromised, Last Pass keeps their other online activity secure. That means Jono can focus on what he does best — flying drones and growing the business.

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