The Microsoft NZ blog has all the things you’d expect to find on a Microsoft blog – and a whole bunch of stuff you wouldn’t.

While most corporate blogs are nothing more than a collection of news and information about their latest products or services, or the latest person to join their team (yawn!), Microsoft NZ’s “Small and Medium Business Blog” offers a surprising range of stories, info and inspiration that entrepreneurs and business owners can actually relate to.

While the main purpose of the blog is to inspire and help Kiwi businesses prosper by using cloud based technology, visitors can also sort and search information on topics from improving business performance, to managing time, to learning from inspirational entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson.

Microsoft Small and Medium Business Marketing Manager, Vitor Cabrera says about the blog, “Lots of businesses ask us, ‘How do we move our operations to the cloud and what’s it going to do for our bottom line?”

“Since we’ve helped thousands of customers successfully migrate to the cloud, we wanted to provide a resource that shares how other New Zealand businesses have developed plans to change the way they do business. And that’s what the blog is all about. It’s a place where business owners can turn for inspiration and information on how to use cloud technology in innovative ways.”

They do this by showing how entrepreneurial Kiwi organisations from a variety of industries are successfully using cloud based technology to boost business performance and streamline operations, and offering a range of free e-books and guides on cloud related topics, as well as find events, webinars and other learning opportunities.

The blog is also updated weekly with articles and advice from New Zealand business experts and commentators, as well as exclusive content from New York Times and Harvard Business Review.


Who: Microsoft NZ

What: Small and Medium Business Blog


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