What: Innovation Hub
HQ: Wellington
Established: 2016


PROJECTR is the home for VR/AR startups. We empower early-stage XR (“cross reality”) sector founders to create global tech startups, by supporting them with co-working space, events and workshops, engagement in collaborative R&D programmes and other support services.

Who do you work with and what key challenges do you help them solve?

PROJECTR accommodates residents working in virtual, mixed and augmented reality. We also welcome residents working in artificial intelligence (AI) and motion graphics to be part of our community.

The PROJECTR Student Internship programmes benefits residents and tertiary under- or postgraduates to gain experience in working on real projects together.

PROJECTR is building a global network of industry locations, contacts, experts, investors and advisors to support our specialist community.


PROJECTR provides a wide range of resources to our residents including access to events space and meeting rooms, access to immersive technologies including HTC, HP Windows mixed reality and Oculus headsets, an onsite rendering cluster and AWS credits.


  • Residents have access to a range of trusted advisors. This includes provision of Virtual CFO services and Investment Advisory from our partner, EY. We work with highly experienced legal and intellectual property advisors.

Shared Workspace

  • 38 full-time or flexible shared workspaces. Private VR rooms, access to leading XR immersive technology & support.


  • PROJECTR runs a weekly tour for interested residents. Our residents run various workshops including Training in Unity. We also host many events for the VR and AI sectors.

Polytronik VR test at PROJECTR


Demand for PROJECTR Wellington increased rapidly this year, and we reached full occupancy in March. Therefore positions are reliant on residents outgrowing our spaces.

PROJECTR also partnered with Pure Storage to provide a powerful Kubernetes Cluster for processing AI models and rendering VR environments onsite.

What excites your team about the work you do?

The cross reality* sector is growing rapidly. Headset innovation, particularly untethered headsets (no wires) is driving rapid consumer adoption. People are demanding better and new immersive experiences. The New Zealand industry has some of the best content creators working globally. We’re in a great place to exploit this new fourth technological wave (computer/internet/mobile/XR).

* The term cross reality (XR) is increasingly being used to refer to the virtual-to-reality continuum of immersive technologies including augmented and mixed reality.

What message would you like to share with the NZ entrepreneur community?

If you are looking for immersive experiences in VR/AR/MR, come and meet our residents – the largest group of specialist providers under one roof in New Zealand.

Get in touch

Web: http://www.projectr.co.nz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PROJECTRWellington
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PROJECTR_NZ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/projectrnz
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/projectr-wellington