Orcon has launched a new ‘always-on’ internet service for small businesses and is giving Kiwi business owners the chance to win a free 12 month unlimited broadband connection worth up to $1500.

Reliable internet access is critical for most businesses. If the internet’s down, so is productivity. But internet service provider Orcon says the introduction of a new service for small and home based businesses, practically assures always-on connectivity.

This is thanks to the combination of a wired connection which automatically switches to 4G should the wired connection go down.

“New Zealand is a nation of small businesses. We’re also a nation which loves it’s connectivity and we use more online services than most other places in the world to run our companies,” says Taryn Hamilton, General Manager at Vocus Group New Zealand, which operates Orcon.

“We’ve designed the Orcon Small Business service for three things: ultimate reliability, ultimate convenience, and a low monthly price.”

Hamilton said Orcon has re-entered the small business space thanks to the new technology it can offer.

“Small businesses need super-reliable connections, but often can’t afford the monthly fee that comes with a gold-plated business service. But having a 4G SIM card built into the modem is an innovative way to ensure connectivity and a great price.”

Hamilton notes that the internet is indispensable to businesses of every type today as we rely on an internet service for a range of activities, from IP EFTPOS systems to online stock management to cloud accountancy and more.

“If your internet goes down, transactions can be lost, opportunities missed, and reputations tarnished.

“We know that nobody is happy when an internet connection goes down. But for small business owners, it’s more than an inconvenience, it costs money. Interruptions can become a thing of the past with Orcon Small Business: it’s a set and forget solution which uses UFB or a wired connection as standard, and automatically switches to 4G if there’s any interruption,” says Hamilton.

“The idea is that this service should effectively put an end to internet outages, for whatever reason. It is highly unlikely that both the wired and cellular networks will go down simultaneously, owing to their different modes of operation. And that gives our small business customers a far better assurance of reliability than ever before possible.”

The Orcon Small Business communication service starts at $89.95 excluding GST, for both ADSL/VDSL and ultra-fast fibre connections on a 12-month contract.

Win 12 months ‘always on’ unlimited broadband for your business!

To enter, see our competition post on Facebook or on LinkedIn and share a link to your business for the chance to win one of two Orcon Small Business ‘always-on’ 12 month broadband internet packages worth up to $1517.31 each. Entries close 7pm Sunday 23 June 2019. Winners announced Monday 24 June. Competition open to businesses operating from New Zealand only. Orcon terms and conditions apply.