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Welcome to Biz Wire

Big or small, we believe all businesses should have an equal chance to share their stories regardless of size or budget. That’s why we created Biz Wire – the business news and syndication service from NZ Entrepreneur.

Business launches, product launches, company announcements, success stories, milestones, events, and market commentary… Biz Wire is an easy way for entrepreneurs, businesses and related organisations to share and celebrate their news.

How it works

Simply upload your media release, images and contact details. Once your story has been checked against our publishing criteria and approved, it will be published on Biz Wire along with back-links to your website for you to share with your networks, shared via social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and distributed in the weekly NZ Entrepreneur email.

Alternatively, should you want a full PR service, scroll down for more details.

Pricing (NZD)

Biz Wire – Publish 

Happy with your media release and ready to publish? Simply upload your story and image and once approved by our editorial team we’re good to go.

  • Published to Biz Wire with back-links to your site.
  • Shared by NZ Entrepreneur social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Distributed in the weekly NZ Entrepreneur email (circ 6000).


PR – Write, Publish, Syndicate & Pitch

Want to publish on Biz Wire and distribute to relevant media? The NZ Entrepreneur PR team offers a full, fixed-price PR service for Kiwi entrepreneurs to help shine a light on what they are doing.

Following a consultation with our PR professionals, and the creation of a “comms” plan if needed, we then interview you, research, write, publish, syndicate and personally pitch your story to the NZ Entrepreneur network of relevant news, magazine and broadcast media contacts.

Email Jennifer at for pricing and more info.

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