Equity crowdfunding can be an effective way for startups and growing businesses to raise capital, but there is a lot of hard work and thinking required and you want to give yourself the best chance of running a successful campaign.

So if you’re considering raising capital through equity crowdfunding you may want to talk to Assemble Advisory first.

Assemble Advisory is a finance-focused equity crowdfunding agency which will help you to raise money sooner, and allow you to remain focused on growing your business.

From understanding whether crowdfunding is the right option for you, to picking the crowd funding platform that best fits your needs, to creating the public disclosure documents required for launch, Assemble Advisory will guide you every step of the way.

Services include:

Information memorandum drafting

  • Highlight your company’s best features
  • Clear, concise business writing
  • Higher quality information to investors

Financial model construction

  • Projected income statements
  • Use of funds analysis
  • Assumptions that can be easily flexed

Pitch presentation drafting

  • Answers the questions of investors
  • Convey the potential of your company
  • An outsiders perspective

Choosing the right platform

  • Advice on platform options
  • Unmatched knowledge of the industry
  • Guidance for your initial meetings

Running a successful offer is not easy, and many founders have been tripped up by some common mistakes you will want to avoid. But equity crowdfunding is now responsible for billions of dollars in funding annually, and should be considered by any company contemplating a capital raise.


Who: Assemble Advisory

What: Equity crowdfunding agency

Where: www.assembleadvisory.com

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